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How to Join PSC

How to Join PSC

How to Join


Panorama Sportsmen are friendly.  We welcome new members.  On the other hand, we all know that there are jerks out there who we wouldn't want standing near us with a loaded gun.  Any candidate for membership must be voted in.  That means we have to get to know the candidate.  To that end, we have developed a protocol for joining.

Step one is to come out as a Guest of one of our members and shoot with us. Participate in our monthly Cowboy Action Shoots, or Trap, or just join us for some plinking. Give the members an opportunity to meet you, and vice versa. Be a Guest at our Meeting; get to know the folks and be known.

A candidate needs two members-in-good-standing to sponsor him.  The candidate then submits an application questionnaire with a check for fifty dollars.  The first year's dues are prorated according to the date of joining.   

Before being voted on, he (or she) must take part in two work parties, attend club events, and attend three meetings.  The first meeting is a general meeting where the candidate will be introduced and asked a few questions.  There may also be some friendly kidding.  Next the candidate will attend a Board of Directors meeting, for a little more of the same.  The candidate's final "reading" is (usually) at the next general meeting. 

At that time, a vote will be taken.  If 90% of the members attending the final reading approve, the candidate is sworn in.  The whole process usually takes no more than two months.

We look for candidates with real interest in our activities and the shooting sports.  We want and need members who participate and are happy to carry out their share of the many chores required to run a cooperative venture.  We insist on safety consciousness and common sense.  Any reasonably pleasant man or woman, who demonstrates that profile will, in all probability, be voted in.

When you first join, there is a one-time assessment fee of $500 (payable in installments) which goes towards our property improvement and expansion. (All the existing members had to fork up this fee in the recent past, so don’t feel like you’re being singled out.)

Annual dues are currently $250 per year for the first five years of membership; after five years the rate drops to only $150 per year. Those rates are based on your participating in two Board designated work parties during the year. If you do not pitch in and attend these work parties (or perform comparable tasks for the benefit of the club), then your annual dues would be around fifty dollars higher. Your dues payments can be spread out during the year.


All regularly scheduled meetings are held at 7:30 PM, in our clubhouse. Meetings typically go to around 8:30-ish.

General membership meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month, except December.  Board of Directors' meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of every month.    


Everyone is asked to attend all monthly membership meetings.  In joining, you promise to attend at least half of them.  But nobody has ever been shot for not keeping this promise.  The world being what it is, we usually get about 30% of the members. The meetings are anything but boring.    

There's a no host bar, fresh popcorn, hot coffee, donuts, lots of camaraderie and wisecracking, gossip, passionate discussions of utterly obscure firearms trivia, important information and votes on various questions.   

It is a time-honored PSC tradition to levy fines for numerous transgressions.  The amounts are insignificant and part of the fun.  Often there is a chorus of members pointing out a breech and urging the Sergeant-at-Arms to, "Git him!"

Fines ($0.25 per offense) are levied for:  profane language, coming late, having missed a meeting, forgetting one's name plate, not removing one's cap during the Pledge of Allegiance, disrupting the meeting, taking a donut before the meeting is over, and for occasional ad hoc crimes imagined by the lurid mind of the president or a loud enough chorus of members.  The money goes to a good cause (although many members grumble that the treasurer skims off some to buy a new RV.)

Following the meeting, there's a raffle.  The prizes are often pretty good stuff, but there's a catch.  First prizewinner has to haul away the trash.  Second prizewinner must sweep the floor.  Third prizewinner is required to put away the chairs.  And the fourth prizewinner has to clean the coffee pot.  Candidates for membership may win prizes, but their sponsors are stuck with the attendant chores.   After the raffle, coffee and donuts are served.


The Board of Directors consists of the six officers and three members-at-large, elected at the November meeting to serve for one year.  They are the governing body of PSC.  Any member may attend a Board meeting and speak on any issue.  The current officers are:

PRESIDENT:                                     Mark LeCompte,
VICE PRESIDENT:                                    Guy Alexander
RECORDING SECRETARY:              Mike Baptist
TREASURER:                                           Wayne Elder
SGT. AT ARMS:                                  Mark Cohen
AT LARGE DIRECTORS:                       Dale Rider, Jim Walker, Larry Curtis

Cowboy Action Shooting

cowboy-iconPSC hosts Cowboy Action Shooting matches on the third Sunday of every month, and the Great Northfield Raid annual event every Fall.

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Youth Events

youth-iconPSC hosts youth events for the NRA and Boy Scouts of America in an effort to promote firearm safety and awareness.

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Trap & Skeet

trap-iconPSC has its own trap & skeet fields. Join us for trap league and open practice.

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