Combined Range Schedule

Panorama Sportsman's Club shares our shooting facility and certain financial arrangements with four other clubs.  The ruling body for this confederation is the Combined Range Committee.

The other clubs are:
San Fernando Valley Sportsman’s Club

In addition, from time to time we accommodate various law enforcement organizations.

The gates to the range are kept locked except when a scheduled event is in progress.  Members are provided with the locks' card key, but are responsible for leaving the range locked and secure.
Certain times are reserved for the exclusive use of each club.  However, if a member wishes to use a range at a time set aside for another club, permission is usually granted, as a matter of courtesy.  One must, however, find the rangemaster (or other person in charge) and make sure it's okay.  (The Trap range is the best place to look.)  On the rare occasion that permission is denied, one must withdraw, without argument.  Remember, courtesy is the operating principle.

In practice, the range is very little used on weekdays.  Naturally, if nobody else is there, there's no problem.  But even if you have the shooting park all to yourself, SAFETY RULES MUST BE OBSERVED.  (A complete set of rules is attached.)

At no time may a non-member use the range, unless accompanied and closely supervised by a member of one of the clubs.

No night shooting, except for authorized club events with sufficient lighting.

An important reminder: Lopez Canyon is highly vulnerable to brush fire.  Use extreme caution. 

In all matters of range use, employ common sense!


Each club has a weekend set aside for its exclusive use, each month. 

The first full weekend is Crescenta Valley's.

The second is Canyon Oak Sportsman's.

The third weekend is PSC's.

And the fourth is split between Gopher Flats' and San Fernando

Months with a fifth weekend are assigned to clubs to arrange events, and generally open to members of all clubs.

Similarly, the days of each week are assigned to the various clubs:
Monday is generally open to all clubs, except that during Daylight Savings Time, it is reserved for Crescenta Valley Sportsmen's Club after 4 PM.
Tuesday is reserved for Canyon Oak Sportsmen's Club.
Wednesday is PSC's day,
Thursday gets a little complicated: Thursday of the first, third and fifth weeks of each month are reserved for Gopher Flats Sportsman's Club from 10am to 5pm.
Thursday of the second and fourth weeks, Crescenta Valley has it from 10 AM to 5 PM.
In a fifth week, the range is open to all clubs on Thursday.
Friday is open to all clubs, except for the trap field from 4pm to 9PM, which is shared by Gopher Flats and San Fernando.

Cowboy Action Shooting

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Trap & Skeet

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