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Introducing the new PSC website.

It’s been a long ride, but finally we have our own website! The domain and the hosting accounts are now completely independent and entirely controlled by PSC. The site you see now is still under construction and growing every day, but it is functional.

PSC members can now request a club email that will discreetly forward to your own personal (private) email address. The format of the email address can be: firstname.lastname @ PanoramaSportsmansClub.org or committee @ PanoramaSportsmansClub.org. For example, some of the email prefaces for our club include: president@, cowboy@, trap@, NRAyouthChair@, and info@ (which forwards to me).

We have a total of 100 email forwarding accounts, so there are plenty to go around for all of the committee chairs, officers, and general membership. Just send an email request to Fred at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Everyone in the Club should create an account in order to officially log-in to this site. Right now, all of the site content is available for viewing by anyone on the web; so the content is edited to reflect that role. But there will be a private area, accessible only by club members. When you click to create an account, your request will be sent to the website Administrator for confirmation. Only after the request is manually approved will an email notification be sent back to you. This will allow us to control who has access to our Members Only Section.

Any information collected when you create an account remains hidden at all times and cannot be accessed from the site. And it will never ask you for anything really confidential, like a credit card or taxpayer id. Creating a User’s Account is totally free of charge!

The site consists of two types of articles. We will have standing articles that provide general information about our Club and Activities. In addition, there will be more timely articles and committee reports that will be updated monthly, sort of like an online Stoolie. You will also find links to the Sheep Society and our sister PSC-Northfield site.

But for this site to be successful, we need your input and submissions. Every committee chair needs to send in their news and announcements. Unlike our printed newsletter, there is unlimited space, so you can make your articles as detailed as you would like, and include any pictures (or weblinks).

We will run general news clips from the NRA and other similarly minded organizations.

Local vendors are invited to advertise on our site, for as little as $25 per year (for member owned companies and regulars from our Cowboy matches), or slightly more for non-affiliated vendors. That will cover the costs of this website.