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Filmmakers & Actors

Orientation for Filmmakers, Actors, and Students

Being both a professional filmmaker and a professor, one of the things that I always point out to my film/video students is that "if you work in Hollywood, sooner or later, two things that you are going to encounter on a set will be firearms and nudity."

Well, at PSC we are NOT going to teach you about nudity; that you will have to do on your own. (And there are plenty of other websites to help you with that!) But we certainly can teach you about the safe and authentic use of firearms for filmmaking.

vg-gunfighter_350Actors often need to portray characters armed with weapons. Yet many actors have never been properly coached in the safe and proper handling of said weapons; nor have had the opportunity to actually fire the real thing.A character on screen must appear comfortable and confident in the way they carry, draw, and fire their weapons. Prop weapons do not function nor recoil like the real thing; yet an actor has to sell the performance (especially in an audition). But besides being able to convince an audience, the actor must also be instructed in safe handling of weapons (real or prop) at all times, so as never to pose a risk to fellow actors or film crew members. Blank firing weapons can be very dangerous!

Similarly, if you are working on a set, and weapons are present -- then you must assume the role of a safety officer at all times and take actions as necessary to keep the working environment safe for everyone!

Bodie_blanks_350As a working filmmaker, I have had to unload (blanks) from weapons and lock their actions safey open on numerous occasions when the "prop people" were either not on the set or not paying strict attention. (I was the sound mixer with one of the world's most sensitive mics out there to record dialogue, and could not allow an accidental discharge to blow out my hearing.)

At Panorama Sportsmans Club, we have NRA Certified range officers (some of them SAG actors) with professional training and experience in law enforcement, military, and other armed occupations. We also have Club Members who are historians and technical advisors.

Our Range has hosted groups of filmmaking students from various colleges and assorted groups of actors for a Filmmakers Day at the Range. These events typically begin with a basic safety lecture, and then include demonstrations with blank firing weapons ranging from pirate & colonial flintlock guns, Civil War era black powder cap & ball, Western & cowboy, on up to modern traditional. Pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns. Participants get to see and handle an assortment of weapons, receive more instruction, and then it is off to the firing line so that everyone has an opportunity to fire the real deal. Oh, yeah, and somewhere in there we break for lunch. Closing out the day could be an opportunity for the attendees to join up with other Club Members and partake of our regular activities, such as Trap or plinking.

Sometimes we host less than a group. It could be just one or two actors who need coaching, or a couple of filmmakers who strive for authenticity. Maybe a couple of sound recordists in need of perfect sound effects.

Whatever your situation, give us a shout.

Pleae contact our Events Committee for more information. Fred, Mark, or Bodie will be more than happy to discuss your future event.MC_actors_350

Cowboy Action Shooting

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Youth Events

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Trap & Skeet

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