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CSMC Shoot & BBQ

CSMC Shoot & BBQ

 Cedars Sinai Med Ctr Day at the Rangecsmc-thumb

On Saturday, May 21, 2011, the Panorama Sportsman's Club hosted more than 30 docs, nurses, and medical technicians from the Gastroenterology Dept (aka GI Lab) of Cedars Sinai Medical Center. Their Ba’ad Ass department (the GI Lab does treat symptoms related to bad… so I guess we can use that phrase!) had an opportunity to partake of the shooting sports and enjoy a fun afternoon at our 90 acre outdoor shooting range. This year marks the third year that CSMC has held a Day at the Range event with us. Its popularity keeps growing!

We let them try their hand at shooting pistol, rifle, or shotgun. Some of the experienced shooters brought their own firearms, but most just borrowed shooting irons from Phila Fred, Dale, or the club..Participants could choose from a variety of .22 pistols & rifles, .38 revolvers & lever action rifle, 9mm, or .45ACP. PSC Range Officers were on hand to instruct and supervise. Special thanks to Fred, Mike B., Dale, John R., Steve B. Don, and everyone else who pitched in. (If I left your name out, email me!!!)

Schedule of Events

9am: Registration. Fill out & sign Liability Release Form. Basic safety lecture. Many of the shooters made advance arrangements with Phila Fred to use his range safe (non-jacketed) ammo while up at the range.

9:30 to 11:45am: Target shooting on Range P-1. Spinners, dualing tree, metal gongs, breakaway clays, paper targets, and other fun stuff to aim at!

11:45 to 1:15pm: BBQ Lunch at the Green House.The pard’s from Mission Hills (Phila Fred & Mrs. G) provided a sumptious lunch of home smoked Texas beef, pork, ribs, and salmon.

1:15pm to end of day: Team Shoot Competitions on Range P-2. We originally shceduled to form up into 4 person teams and compete in a multi-gun challenge involving 2 revolvers, lever action rifle, and shotgun. Targets range from close to distant, so shooters of all skill levels would compete. Two folks will each engage pistol targets, a designated rifleman will take out some harder targets, and a shotgunner will finish off with some 12 gauge knock downs.However, in the end, most folks just wanted to try their hand at knocking down the shotgun targets or pinging the metal pistol & rifle targets with the appropriate firearm.

The day continued until almost 16:00  (4pm). Everyone had plenty of opportunity to shoot as much as they wanted; and the newbies were ecstatic over the quality of individual attention & coaching that they were able to receive from our qualified Instructors. All in all, it was a great day. And certainly one that the GI Lab at CSMC has been talking about every day since the event!

Would you believe that they are already talking about next year!

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