Cedars Sinai on The Range

Thanks to Fred Ginsburg for bringing another group of new shooters to our range last month. Fred and his wife, Ligaya, rode heard on a group of 10 or so people from the hospital who work at the hospital with her.

They occupied the combat range (P-4) and learned about center fire and Cowboy action firearms. They enjoyed a good lunch prepared by Fred, his son and wife after which they returned to the range for more fun. The club not only entertained some new guests we made a lot of new friends.

Cowboy Action Shooting

cowboy-iconPSC hosts Cowboy Action Shooting matches on the third Sunday of every month, and the Great Northfield Raid annual event every Fall.

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Youth Events

youth-iconPSC hosts youth events for the NRA and Boy Scouts of America in an effort to promote firearm safety and awareness.

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Trap & Skeet

trap-iconPSC has its own trap & skeet fields. Join us for trap league and open practice.

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