Private Group Shoots

CSMC Shoot & BBQ

 Cedars Sinai Med Ctr Day at the Rangecsmc-thumb

On Saturday, May 21, 2011, the Panorama Sportsman's Club hosted more than 30 docs, nurses, and medical technicians from the Gastroenterology Dept (aka GI Lab) of Cedars Sinai Medical Center. Their Ba’ad Ass department (the GI Lab does treat symptoms related to bad… so I guess we can use that phrase!) had an opportunity to partake of the shooting sports and enjoy a fun afternoon at our 90 acre outdoor shooting range. This year marks the third year that CSMC has held a Day at the Range event with us. Its popularity keeps growing!

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Orientation for Filmmakers, Actors, and Students

Being both a professional filmmaker and a professor, one of the things that I always point out to my film/video students is that "if you work in Hollywood, sooner or later, two things that you are going to encounter on a set will be firearms and nudity."

Well, at PSC we are NOT going to teach you about nudity; that you will have to do on your own. (And there are plenty of other websites to help you with that!) But we certainly can teach you about the safe and authentic use of firearms for filmmaking.

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Private Group Shoots

Corporate or Group Private Shoots

Panorama Sportsmans Club is an extensive facility. Although we are a private club, not open to the general public, we do open our doors from time to time in order to host special events.

These Day at the Range themed gatherings might include a company picnic, a troop of scouts or other organized youth (see the section on Youth Events), gun writers, a film/video crew, law enforcement or private security, actors, filmmaking students, re-enactors, and so on.

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Cedars Sinai on The Range

Thanks to Fred Ginsburg for bringing another group of new shooters to our range last month. Fred and his wife, Ligaya, rode heard on a group of 10 or so people from the hospital who work at the hospital with her.

They occupied the combat range (P-4) and learned about center fire and Cowboy action firearms. They enjoyed a good lunch prepared by Fred, his son and wife after which they returned to the range for more fun. The club not only entertained some new guests we made a lot of new friends.

Cowboy Action Shooting

cowboy-iconPSC hosts Cowboy Action Shooting matches on the third Sunday of every month, and the Great Northfield Raid annual event every Fall.

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Youth Events

youth-iconPSC hosts youth events for the NRA and Boy Scouts of America in an effort to promote firearm safety and awareness.

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Trap & Skeet

trap-iconPSC has its own trap & skeet fields. Join us for trap league and open practice.

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