Youth Report April 2012


Wet Scouts Everywhere

It was very wet and very rainy on our range Saturday in March, but that did not deter the Boy Scouts from coming out in force for their shooting day.
We had approximately 50 Scouts spend the night Friday in tents in the rain in anticipation of having fun shooting either a 22 rifle or a shotgun and earning their way to a merit badge. While they waited and wondered about the rain stopping, they enjoyed movies & popcorn while staying dry in the clubhouse. As everyone woke up, the rain was still com-ing down relentlessly. So we went to plan B — everyone back into the clubhouse in order to complete all of the bookwork that needs to be completed. This includes learning all of the safety rules, teardown, and cleaning of the firearms that they shoot.
After a long morning of class and being cooped up in a rather small area, we made the kids and their adults a good lunch (as we always do at PSC) and gave them some time to run around and stretch. As it was still raining hard, everyone went back into the class and completed all of the bookwork needed for the merit badge. This was a first, as usually you can’t get the boys to concentrate long enough to finish more than one of the book ele-ments of their badge requirements.
By late in the afternoon the rain began to let up a little and the kids were anxious to get out and shoot, but the adults had to remind them what they just learned about the effects of water on firearms. So instead most of the boys went outside and played fetch with an-other kid who loves running around in the rain — Clip the Labrador — until everyone but Clip was a little worn out.
All of the kids who came out have been invited back to complete the practical shooting portion of their requirements as soon as we can arrange the time.
All things considered it was a great experience for the both the Scouts and their leaders and a very good time was had by all.
Whenever PSC hosts the scouts it cannot get done without lots of help, and this time was no exception. Thank You to all who were there to either teach or feed our young guests. You all know who you are and I don’t want to forget anyone, so again let me say on behalf of Myself, the PSC Youth Committee, and the Scouts, THANK YOU ALL

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