Youth Report March 2012


On the last weekend of February, a contingent of the PSC Tigers traveled to the Santa Maria Gun Club for their first ATA Winter Chain of the season

The weather was brisk and the excite-ment was high as the Junior shooters readied themselves for the competition.
Three of our shooters competed in five events, two competed in three events, and one shooter only went after the big prize— the Winter Chain belt buckle.
We had a great time and much suc-cess. There was a first time competitor, Quintin, who made us all take notice. He was great in his first series of competitive events, after only being a trap shooter for a couple of months.
The “veteran” shooters were giving all of us reasons to be proud too.
David C. began the day by nailing a 98 in singles and finishing in second place. He was followed by Stephanie G. who took the win in the first handicap event with a score of 95.

Our other shooters were nothing short of great. Anna W., Lindsey, and Jason D. were all outstand-ing and finished high in the rankings.
It should be noted that this competition was not against oth-er juniors. The kids tested their mettle against adults from all over the state.
HOORAY and Congratulations to our own PSC Tigers! They did us very proud.

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