NRA Youth Events

NRA Youth Events

For the past few years, PSC has been hosting various organized youth groups, such as the Scouts, for an instructional and fun Day at the Range. What began as just a few Saturdays a year, for small groups, has blossomed into one of the largest and most respected Youth programs in the state. Attendance at our quarterly events has been averaging nearly 150 kids, not including parents and scout masters!


To date, nearly one thousand boys and girls have spent a day at our range, learning safety and basic marksmanship.

The day begins with a class about Firearms Safety, taught by our NRA Certified Instructor, Ron.

Following the one hour class, participants head up to the shooting bays for hands-on rifle practice. We follow the Boy Scouts of America guidelines, and limit our young shooters to single shot, bolt action .22 caliber rifles. We make sure that everyone at the bays is wearing proper eye and ear protection (and we provide safety glasses & ear plugs to anyone who lacks them).

Youth sized rifles and ammunition are provided by the Club.youth_small

All of the shooters are coached and supervised by our experienced and NRA Certified range officers along with a select number of (range qualified) scout masters & parents. We make sure that there is at least one adult per new shooter, and one adult per two (more experienced) shooters at each firing line.

BSA_rifles_350New shooters are encouraged to shoot at gallery type spinners, flags, or knockdown targets. Gratification of hitting the target is immediate; and it is less frustrating for new shooters than trying for a small paper target. It is about safety, developing good habits & skills, and having FUN.

Advanced shooters can try out for their Merit Badge for Riflery. Ron conducts a special session, including testing, for the knowledge portion. Then it is off to another one of our shooting bays for the marksmanship trials.

Youth_cooks_350At lunchtime, everyone heads down to our on-premises Sidewinder Cafe for an all-you-can-eat BBQ of burgers, franks, and snacks. No one walks away hungry!

After lunch, we re-convene for more shooting.

Interested parties are  invited to our Trap Range for an introduction to shotgun. PSC boasts some of the top junior shooters in the USA, and these champions will be available to demonstrate as well as to coach the new shooters. Of course, our experienced PSC Trap League adults are present to oversee.




There is a nominal registration fee per shooter for the event. That covers food, drink, ammo, use of our guns, etc. More often than not, we also arrange to give out T-shirts, hats, or pins (subject to availability). All of the particpants also receive an NRA certificate of particpation.

Advance reservations are required.

There is some limited space available for overnight camping.

For more information, please contact our NRA Youth Event Coordinator.



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