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Introduction to CAS Classes

Introduction to Cowboy Action Shooting Class

Introduction to Cowboy Action Shooting

On the third Saturday of every odd numbered month, Bodie601 will be conducting his world-famous workshops for those who want to get started in the exciting pastime of Cowboy Action Shooting!


Classes begin at 11:00am up on our Range 3. The cost is only $20 per person, which covers the cost of ammo, use of Bodie's guns, and misc. expenses. All you need to bring is: eye & ear protection (which can be supplied if you don't already have your own), and an attitude to have fun! Bodie601_teach

Bring your shootin' irons and holster rigs if you have 'em. Otherwise, you can use ours. Dress in western costume or civvies, it's up to you.

Here are the tentative dates for this year.

  • March 19
  • May 21
  • July 16
  • Sept 17
  • There will NOT be a class held during November, as that is our 3-day annual cowboy shooting event, The Great Northfield Raid.
For more information, or to make a reservation for one of our classes, please contact Bodie601 via his cellphone 818-730-9961. You can also try his email, but due to Bodie's work & travel schedule, he may not be able to check it regularly.



dale_smLearn about Cowboy Action Shooting…

Cowboy Action Shooting is a fast-growing sport (over 70,000 participants nationwide) that entails period costumes & re-enactment along with live-fire shooting competition.

Participants dress in historically correct costumes representing Western 1860’s thru 1899 attire, and nickname themselves with Western era alias’ (actual or fantasy).

On the third Sunday morning of each month, participants arrive at our outdoor range in full cowboy regalia. After a hearty cook-shack breakfast, the attendees divide up into small groups (“posse’s”) and head up to the firing lines to begin shooting the matches.

A Cowboy Action Shooting match consists of several “stages” or events. Each event follows a creative scenario, and the shooter is expected to engage metal targets in a prescribed order (the script) with a combination of pre-1900 style weapons, including two sixgun revolvers, a lever action rifle, and a 12 gauge shotgun. Scoring is based on number of misses, overall elapsed time, and penalties for not adhering to the rules of that particular stage.

A typical stage might go something like this: The shooter approaches the loading bench, and loads live rounds into his/her firearms under the supervision of a loading bench judge. The range safety officer then invites the shooter to step up to the firing line. After conferring with the shooter, the range officer sounds a buzzer that starts the timer.

The script might call for the shooter to begin with both hands on a table. At the buzzer, the shooter picks up a lever action rifle and proceeds to hit four targets, twice each. The unloaded rifle is placed back on the table, and then the participant picks up a 12 gauge side-by-side shotgun, loads two rounds, and hits two swinging shotgun targets. He empties the shotgun, reloads two more rounds, and fires again. The empty shotgun is replaced on the table. Unholstering a .45LC or .38/.357 sixgun, the shooter fires 5 rounds (never carry a loaded chamber under the hammer) at multiple metal targets. The now empty handgun is holstered, and a second sixgun is drawn and fired. The timer stops after the last round is fired.

The shooter proceeds to an unloading bench, where an unloading judge verifies that all weapons are empty. Note that the only time any guns are in a loaded condition is when a participant is at the loading bench or at the firing line. Safety rules are STRICTLY enforced at all times; which is why a sport as popular as Cowboy Action Shooting has maintained a clean safety record of no firearms injuries throughout its long history!juniorgirl_sm

don_smOn the third Saturday of every other month (see schedule) at eleven o'clock in the morning, the Panorama Sportsman’s Club (aka Northfield Raiders) conducts its “Introduction and Live Tutorial” about the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting. The class runs around 2 to 3 hours. This is a class for beginners, and NOT a real match. “Bodie601” and his assistant instructors explain the concepts and workings of the sport, from costuming to shooting fundamentals. You will learn how the matches are structured and played. A variety of (replica) period-type guns will be displayed.

One at a time, attendees will have an opportunity to shoot a sample “stage” using real firearms and ammunition. Bodie and the range officers will coach each new shooter through (literally) each step of the match.

There is a twenty dollar registration fee for each participant, which includes the cost of ammo. Guns will be provided for those who do not have their own. You should bring eye protection (shooting glasses or safety glasses) as well as earplugs. If you do not own these, then the range will provide them.

You can attend in costume or in civvies. Jeans, boots, long sleeved shirt, and Western hat makes a good starting attire, but is not required for the class. At least wear some sort of hat to keep the sun off you and bring some cold water to drink!

Hope to see ya all there!

To learn more about Cowboy Action Shooting, visit the site of SASS, the Single Action Shooting Society. SASS is the governing body that regulates this sport worldwide!

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