Cowboy Action December 2012


Those of you that attended the Great Northfield Raid know we had a little rain on Saturday, but that didn't stop the cowboys and cowgirls from shooting and having a good time.

Sunday was beautiful and the match finished in near perfect weather. All the results have been posted on the web, so you can go there to find them.
The club netted a profit, albeit not as much as we have made in years past, but still some-thing to help pay the rent. Next year we hope to get the raffle tickets sooner, which will bring the income a bit higher.
We had 65 shooters sign up and 58 actually shot due to rain.
I give special thanks to Guy Alexander, and Mike Baptist. Guy for guiding and helping me through my first real test, and Mike for keep-ing the computer up when the old one crashed.
I also thank the girls in the bank and all the guys that showed up to help set up and tear down that made Northfield a success.
Again thank you all.
In December, we were again in the bomb-sights of rain clouds. In spite of the wet, 15 shooters came out to play. Results are posted on our website.
Bodie 601 will resume teaching his introduc-tory Cowboy Action shooting classes this year, beginning in January and on all odd numbered months. Spread the word!