Cowboy Action October 2012


Our last shoot netted 25 shooters, in yet another scorcher that rocked the record books...

Northfield is progressing well.
We've ordered the raffle prizes from Fort Courage Armory, which we can pick up next week.
The prizes are:
First Prize, a 1911 pistol made by Auto Ordinance.
Second Prize, a conversion kit for the 1911 in .22 cal, made by Advanced Arms target model.
And our Third Prize is the old stand by — a hand crafted bowie knife complete with a hand made scabbard by Gunhawk Leather.
I have checked in with many of the sur-rounding clubs to see how many shooters would commit to attending Northfield, and got quite a few positive responses.
In addition, we have handed out over 100 fliers.
We have a few sign ups already and my expectations are high, but as usual I'm the eternal optimist.
This month’s Cowboy match will have a few surprises, so if you want to have some fun — come on out.
Shoot straight,

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