Cowboy Action September 2012


We had a pretty good shoot last month with 31 shooters, in close to 100 degree weather.

Preparation for the Great Northfield Raid is moving along.
Rob Musso is putting together the trophies this year. Guy has contacted JJ Johnson and the plates are being made.
Knives are finished, and the leather shooters’ badges are almost ready.
We had a meeting and edited the flyers and got them online ASAP. You can download the registration forms from our website,
At a recent Board meeting, it was discussed about free shoots. Due to the decline in attend-ance, the Board decided that we can no longer afford to give away free shoots at monthly matches to everyone who helps out.
That means everyone. Buckaroos are still ex-
empt. That would be minors to those who don't know what a buckaroo is.
We still need help with set up and take down on the monthlies. Any help is appreciated.
We will be inspecting the facades soon and will commence repainting and repairs as need-ed. Notice of work parties will be posted; any and all help will be needed and greatly appre-ciated.
That's all for now. Shoot straight. See ya Sun-day! (and Saturday morning)

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