Cowboy Action Report July/August 2012

Cowboy Report

June 16 was a perfect day for shooting. We had 35 shooters and some fast stages.

Mike and Fred posted the scores up on the website the next day.
Work on the target shed is going well. We have two new benches and we don't have to bend over to pick up the shotgun knock-downs when setting up or putting them away. There is a lot more room to move around also.
We have quite a bit more work to do yet and I will keep you informed as to when the work days are -- if anyone wishes to help.
Our regular cook could not be here for July so we needed help in the kitchen. I already asked Mark Cohen and Bob Whitler to help and they said yes pending any unforeseen events.
Our shoot for July was on the 4th Sunday since that was the third full weekend. We had a low turnout(15) shooters, probably due to the Cowboys, Cajon, and two other clubs shooting on same day. The shooters that showed up had a good time and some stayed on to help us with the steel.
I am giving a special thanks to Bobby Whitler and Lois Rodrigues, without whose help we would not of had lunch. Due to a mix-up we were unable to serve breakfast but Lois got doughnuts to tide over and Mike Baptist donated for them. As usual, the mighty few came through.
We have had a low turn out on Saturdays for set up and even less for take down on Sundays. We really need help with this because some people can't lift the SG targets, plus it goes faster with more help.
The new benches in the target shed are almost complete and work on the back wall will start soon. Then there will be no bending to load the SG targets and that will save many backs, including mine.

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