Christmas Banquet

One feast that is not movable and that nobody misses if they can help it is our annual FREE Christmas dinner.  There's a well-stocked bar and a bountiful array of sumptuous home-made traditional holiday fare: hams, turkeys, candied yams, potatoes in a variety of persuasions, salads, fancified veggies, breads and rolls, sweets, and lots more.

Santa always makes an appearance and he brings presents for all the kids.  (We pass the hat at the October and November meetings to make sure the kids get good stuff.)

The Christmas dinner is held in lieu of a December General meeting.  It's almost always on the second Friday of December. Since the Club lacks any suitable indoor banquet room that can seat all of our families, we usually rent a hall down in Granada Hills.

Besides giving out presents to all of the kids, we raffle off a ton of door prizes including a couple of cash stuffed grand prizes.