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Just Another Saturday Night at the Range?

Just Another Saturday Night at the Range?

What a great time, it was our range Saturday in April and the crowd had been gathering for a while. Some had been there all day shooting Trap, and then giving it their best effort to win a box a spaghetti from Mr. Conti, while others had gone home and returned.

The crowd that was there was nice sized (about 50 or so) and there were a lot of young ones in attendance some thing we all like to see. Then came the call “It’s dinner time” and once again the annual Panorama Sportsman’s Club installation dinner and awards ceremony was underway.

After a very good meal of spaghetti and meatballs with all of the trimmings, the accompanying libations, and a good desert the festivities really began. Our fearless leader and arbiter of all that is fun and usually decent El Presidente’ Mark Lacompte took to the front of the crowd that gathered at the Sidewinder Café and proceeded to hand out some thank you’s, certificates of appreciations, and Club Honors to those members that were on hand and deserving of the acknowledgement.

He began as he usually does at these affairs by starting slowly while sharpening his rapier like wit as he made his way through the list of those who were to receive the Club accolades. It has become a Panorama tradition to poke fun at ourselves while we are among our group of like minded soles, as we all understand this is done with tongue in cheek.

There were of course a few presentations that are worthy of special mention. Fred Ginsburg and Stanley Levin received 5 year pins (hooray) for the second or was it the third time. Dale Rider received not only the usual thank you for all his work during the year but a very nice belt buckle for having the ability to put up with all of us for 25 years, wow congratulations Dale.

James (Jimmy) Barrante was awarded the John Doll award, which is given annually to the member that works his butt off for the club all year in the spirit of John Doll (RIP). Then Mark surprised and left speechless (almost) your truly humbled reporter by bestowing the Member of the Year on me. I had been told over the years that the award is for great number of good deeds done for the club over the course of a few years, and I can assure everyone of my Panorama brethren it has all been and will continue to be truly a labor of love.

As with all Panorama Club events this one could not have been done without help. So let me acknowledge those who made the evening happen. Special thanks to Samantha Lacompte and David Cohen who were in the kitchen with Amanda McDaniel and myself almost all day preparing the feast, and to the Gutierrez family for some last second shopping and desert (along with the Baptists), and my wife Robin.

Thank you to everyone who came and ate, drank, had fun, cleaned up and went home.