Gophers Family BBQ & Shoot

This coming 4th weekend, September 30, 2012, the Gophers invite the members of PSC to their family BBQ and fun shoots. Click here to download details.

Mark and Robin host BBQ

mark_robin_bbqLast range Saturday, Sept 17, after the completion of our "moving platform general purpose vehicle, period WWII, off-hand shoot" (aw, let's just call it the drive-by shooting competition) -- the members of PSC were treated to an exceptional meal, provided by the Cohen Clan. Mark and Robin served up platters of homecooked BBQ ribs, mashed potatoes, salad, and all the fixings. It was exceptional, in that it was not the usual Costco lasagne! Just kidding. The food was fantastic. It was slow cooked, and no one walked away hungry -- it was all you could eat!

cake_bbqMark and Robin wanted to thank everyone for supporting the Boy Scout Youth Events throughout the year, and especially for supporting our Youth Shotgun Team, whose prowess has put PSC on the national map! The Team thanked us with a cake designed to keep us from ever wearing the same size clothes ever again!


Just Another Saturday Night at the Range?

What a great time, it was our range Saturday in April and the crowd had been gathering for a while. Some had been there all day shooting Trap, and then giving it their best effort to win a box a spaghetti from Mr. Conti, while others had gone home and returned.

The crowd that was there was nice sized (about 50 or so) and there were a lot of young ones in attendance some thing we all like to see. Then came the call “It’s dinner time” and once again the annual Panorama Sportsman’s Club installation dinner and awards ceremony was underway.

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